My cooking is a journey
My cooking is about sharing
I invite you to discover it

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My philosophy

My cooking is like a tree

It has roots and traditions and it grew with the years going by, as I travelled and shared, discovered, encountered new people…

From my trips around the word, from South America to India, from Asia to the Mediterranean region, I learnt how to use spices in my cooking, as a painter would use his colour palette to shade his painting.

In a full-flavored blend of ingredients and spices, I take you with me to discover a healthy, colourful and sunny cooking. In the span of a mealtime, in a world tour of flavours, I awaken your senses and your taste buds in a friendly setting. In the span of a class, I pass on my secrets in a spirit of sharing.

Skilfully sprinkled, there are in my cooking a generous measure of love, subtle steams of tradition and the sparkle of unexpected flavours.

My journey

Because I always thought it was impossible to cook without caring about people, my journey is made of trips, meetings and sharing.

Fascinated by both cooking and trips for ages, I began my career as a nomadic Chef. I absorbed myself in foreign traditions and in the flavours of spices. They set up the base of my cooking and taught me the mixture of cultures and the contribution of new flavours to traditional cooking.

Chef during 7 years in a centre for congresses and seminars centred on well-being and personal development, I formulated a concept: a Mediterranean cooking mixed with word flavours.

Today, I give you the result of my experience through simple, healthy and authentic meals with unsuspected tastes.

My services

Whether you are an individual or a company, a gastronomy lover, a discoverer of new flavours or if you simply want to offer your clients or partners a pleasant meal, I have designed services to meet your expectations. Whatever your requests, we define together your menus and/or the theme of your event.

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